Lone Worker Risk Assessment

Many workers/volunteers work alone quite lawfully, either regularly or occasionally.  The checklist below is used as a basis for an assessment of the associated risks.
Yes No
Do you have a copy of the lone working policy?
Is there a clear definition of lone working?
Has WBC considered the main situations in which lone working may occur, for example, working late, late meetings, cleaning, work during weekends, visiting individuals?
Has the policy been brought to the attention of all employees, Trustees and volunteers?
Is there an arrangement to review and update the policy
Consult minister/Trustees/volunteers about their needs
Do staff/volunteers who need to work alone let a Trustee, colleague, family member or the office know that they are working alone?  Have you advised the church office by telephone or email your plans to work on your own in the church building?
Can the work undertaken by a lone worker, adequately handle the risk of the job?
What emergencies are likely to occur? – Fire, accident, illness???
Have specific risks been considered – use of ladders, dealing with intruders?
Are there clear guidelines about work that is not permitted by a lone individual? i.e. lone worker not allowed to access the cellar
Is there clear guidance with regard to the use of cleaning chemicals and electrical equipment?
Do the Trustees know of any relevant medical conditions of those who are lone workers?
Have the Trustees considered the risk of violence/aggression?
Are there communication procedures in place?  Check in and out etc.?  Email/telephone church office.
Do all lone workers know the procedures when working on the church premises – keeping entrance doors locked?
Do all lone workers know the procedures when working off the church premises – leave meeting if sensitive situation occurs and is unacceptable?

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Cathy Finch, 13/02/2021