Staff Appraisal Policy

Primary Responsibility Church Secretary
Issued January 2021
Status Agreed
Review Period 5 years
Next Review Date January 2026
Original Church Office
Copy Trustees
Copy Minister
Copy Manager Roots Community Cafe
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  1. Introduction
The performance appraisals defined in this procedure apply to all staff formally employed by WBC. This includes:
  • Minister
  • Roots Community Cafe Project Manager
  1. Purpose
We conduct annual appraisals as one way of ensuring that employed staff at WBC are able to work effectively, as part of the whole congregation, in pursuing the stated aims and visions of the church as a whole.
  1. What is an appraisal?
An appraisal is a formal meeting, which sets out to provide an opportunity for a person to spend time reflecting with their line manager on their present work and responsibilities to enable them to improve their performance, learn new skills and plan the development of their work. For many people an appraisal provides a rare slot of ‘quality time’ when they can get the undivided attention of someone else who cares about them and their needs in the work situation.
It is:
  • A means to help employees and their managers to identify strengths and needs
  • A process to identify needs related to the employee’s work programme
  • An encouraging exercise
  • A development tool within a framework of life long learning
  • A piece of quality time when purposeful reflection can be made in a structured setting
  • A formal stock-take of personal development
  • A time for honest reflection
  • A place where realistic planning takes place
  • An accountability exercise
  • An opportunity to air issues
  • A means to help define priorities and sort out conflicting demands
It is not:
  • A disciplinary tool
  • A means to make people move from their existing job
  • A fool proof protection against misdemeanours
  • A means to set salaries / stipends
  • A measure of ‘success’
  • The solution to all the world’s ills
  • An end in itself
  1. Responsibility for performing the appraisal
Appraisals are performed by the following within the church:
Employee Appraiser
Minister Elders
Roots Community Café Project Manager Appointed Trustee(s)
  1. Setting for the meeting
In most cases only one appraiser is necessary.  For situations where difficult issues may need to be raised a second appraiser may be present.
Sufficient time needs to be set aside for the meeting, with measures taken to ensure that there are no interruptions from the telephone, visitors etc.
  1. Preparation
Before the meeting, the appraisee will be given their own copy of the appraisal form. Note that different forms are used for the roles given above, and these are available as separate documents.
This is to help in personal preparation for the meeting. Appraisees should prepare the     information for the various sections. This copy will be used and retained by the appraisee for their personal use during the meeting.
Those conducting the appraisal should meet to discuss any significant points which they would like to make during the meeting.  If appropriate they should carefully seek the comments of other relevant members of staff or the congregation, where this will benefit the appraisal meeting.
  1. The meeting
During the meeting the appraiser will complete their copy of the report in the light of the discussion with the appraisee.  This should be brief but giving sufficient detail to assist with the following year’s appraisal.  This will subsequently be sent to the appraisee for written comment and approval.
      8.   Signing off
The report will be signed off only after the appraisee has seen it and added any written comments they wish to add about the accuracy or interpretation.  Both the appraiser(s) and the appraisee will sign the report to signify that they are satisfied with the end product and that they are jointly responsible for carrying out the identified actions.
If there is a disagreement over the content of the report, this will be recorded.
A copy of the report will be retained by the appraisee and the appraiser(s).  The report
will be treated as a confidential document by those receiving and holding copies. 
Information will only be shared with the consent of the employee and only on a ‘need to
know’ basis.
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Cathy Finch, 13/02/2021