Food Safety Policy

Primary Responsibility:         EMMA SMITH
Issued: 19th JULY 2020
Stored: Church Office
page1image52314496Review Period: 3 years
Next Review Date: JULY 2023
1. Purpose and Scope
A number of activities in the life of Wymondham Baptist Church involve food. Sharing food together forms an important part of our fellowship. This document summarises Wymondham Baptist Church’s policy for maintaining the safety of food.
This policy applies to activities where food or refreshments are stored or prepared at Wymondham Baptist Church including Roots Community Café, or where food or refreshments (possibly prepared elsewhere) are served at Wymondham Baptist Church. It also applies to the serving of food or refreshments at official functions of Wymondham Baptist Church / Roots Community Café held at other locations (e.g. community picnic).
This policy does not apply to the following:
  • External organisations using the facilities at Wymondham Baptist Church;
  • Food or refreshments prepared or served at The Manse, 66 Folly Road;
  • Food or refreshments prepared or served at the homes of church members, employees or volunteers, even if this is served as part of a church function (e.g. Home Groups).
This policy recognises the provisions of the Food Safety Act 1990 and The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013.

2. Definitions
It is recognised that not all activities carry the same level of risk. For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions shall be applied:
  • “Refreshments” refers to be the serving of tea, coffee, biscuits, pre-prepared cakes and related finger foods.
  • “Food” refers to the preparation or serving of hot or cold food on plates or bowls that may be considered as a meal.
With respect to food safety, the preparation and serving of communion shall be considered in the same manner as for refreshments.
3. Policy
  1. Food storage areas, the kitchen and serving areas shall be maintained in a clean and tidy condition at all times.
  2. The fridges, freezers and oven (including microwave) shall be cleaned regularly.
  3. Fridge and freezer temperatures and contents shall be checked both on a Monday and Friday morning each week. If the fridge temperature is found to be above 8 degrees Celsius when checked, then the contents will be disposed of.
  4. Food shall be stored in designated cupboards. Food shall not be stored on the floor, whether in the kitchen or elsewhere in the building, as this may encourage pests.
  5. All employees and volunteers that regularly prepare or serve food will be provided with training in order to obtain the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. Wymondham Baptist Church will pay for training and any reasonable expenses through Roots.
  6. The church will provide consumables (e.g. gloves, disposable towels, etc.) to enable employees and volunteers to follow this policy and attached guidelines.
  7. Everyone involved in serving of food or refreshments shall wash their hands before they start, and as necessary during the activity.
  8. Everyone involved with the preparation or serving of food shall wear clean aprons whilst involved in the activity.
  9. When chopping food, the correctly coded chopping boards will be used. These will be replaced biannually.
  10. When restocking food supplies stock rotation will be applied and use by dates will be checked. Food will be disposed of when expiry date has passed.
  11. Gluten-free or other allergen-specific foodstuffs shall be labelled with a food allergy notice - “please be advised that our food is prepared in an area where gluten, dairy, nuts and other food sources are present” and shall be served on separate dishes to avoid contamination. Allergen-specific advice shall be provided when requested.
  12. Food prepared offsite may be reheated before serving. This food should be heated thoroughly to a temperature of more than 63 degrees Celsius (checked using the food thermometer provided). Any reheated food left at the end of the activity shall be thrown away.
    However, rice must be cooked fresh on the premises and MUST NOT be reheated.
  13. Any external caterers providing food for church functions shall possess the appropriate Food Hygiene Certification.
  14. Open ingredients and leftover food stored in the fridge or freezer shall be fully wrapped and clearly marked to show who it belongs to and when it was put in the fridge / freezer. Unmarked or out-of-date food shall be thrown away.
  15. Whenever practicable, the dishwasher shall be used for cleaning crockery and cutlery following the serving of food. The dishwasher shall be maintained in good working order to maintain effectiveness.
  16. Washing up shall be done in the hottest water consistent with safety and rinsed in clean water. Gloves will be supplied by the church.
  17. Clean tea towels shall be used on each occasion and they shall be washed before reuse.
Guidelines for employees and volunteers preparing or serving food are provided in the attachment. These are displayed prominently in the kitchen.

Are you well? Do not prepare food for others if you are unwell
Cleanliness must be your top priority
Please wash your hands before all food preparation or delivery
Hair should be tied back
Cuts and grazes should be covered with coloured waterproof plasters (available in the WBC kitchen)
Use clean, dry tea towels from the drawer
Please use the colour-coded chopping boards.
Washing up should be done in the hottest water possible. Use the dishwasher machine, or use the gloves provided.
Food must be served at the correct temperature:
Hot food should be piping hot (> 63°C);
Cold food should remain chilled until served (< 8°C) (use the food thermometer provided and probe wipe after use)
Any food that has touched the ground at all must be thrown away.
All spills should be cleared up immediately
Regular users should obtain the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate – details are available from the office.
Bins should be emptied at the end of service


Emma Smith, 13/02/2021