• AG-HS-07
Primary Responsibility Church Secretary
Issued March 2021
Status Agreed
Review Period 3 years
Next Review Date March 2024
Original Church Office
Copy Trustees
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  1. Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safe and efficient appointment of external contractors to work on and within the church premises.
  1. Definitions
For the purpose of and the application of this policy the following definitions are used:-
External Contractor – Any specialist tradesman undertaking work at the request of WBC whether or not there is any payment involved.  This definition applies to recognised companies with a trading name of to individual traders undertaking work.
Work undertaken – This can be a wide ranging definition and is intended to broadly cover any decoration, maintenance, upgrading and testing (including specialist testing) to either the inside or the outside of property owned by WBC.
Work carried out in a voluntary capacity – This is defined as anyone or group of individuals be they church members or volunteers who agree to undertake work of their own free will for the direct benefit of the church for which there is no contractual agreement or payment.
Duration of work – This policy applies irrespective of the duration of the work and covers any work lasting for up to one hour and longer with no defined upper limit.
Purpose – The purpose of this policy is to set out general requirements, expectations and standard for the engagement and management of external contractors and tradesmen.  Where sub-contractors or other specialists are engaged by the principle contractor or tradesman they are to be engaged and work under the principle authority, direction and conditions.
Objectives – This policy is to ensure that those contractors and tradesmen working on WBC property undertake work safety in compliance with WBC Health and Safety policy and Fire policy.
  1. Responsibility of WBC in engaging contractors or tradesmen
WBC is expected to follow its Budget setting, payment and expenditure policy in engaging contractors or tradesmen to carry out work.  WBC is expected to satisfy themselves before engagement that contractors and tradesmen have the necessary skills and capabilities to undertake the work and to ensure that the contractor/tradesmen is full aware the extent of the work, and carries the appropriate insurances and certification.
WBC is to appoint one main contact person and to advise the contractor/tradesman or any other persons or groups which might be working or present in the premises whilst work is being undertaken.  Likewise individual groups meeting on the premises are to be made aware of the work being carried out and to be invited to assess the risk and advise the WBC contact person of any special requirements and restrictions that they would wish to have in place.  WBC is to make available to the contractor their Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.
  1. Contractors/Tradesmen responsibilities
Contractors/Tradesmen are to satisfy themselves that they are fully conversant with WBC Health and Safety and Fire policies and adhere to them where appropriate and relevant.
Contractors/Tradesmen are expected to possess the necessary skills to undertake the work, have their own safe working procedures and plant/equipment.
Contractors/Tradesmen are to ensure that other building occupiers and users are fully protected from the work area and equipment.
All Contractors are expected to carry all the appropriate insurance policies, and indemnify WBC against any damage to persons and property caused by their work.
  1. Lone working
Working alone in the premises will be permitted on the understanding that the Contractor/Tradesmen has a lone working policy or arrangement.  In such cases WBC will issue a key to the Contractor/Tradesmen which they will be expected to sign for and not release or lend to anybody else.  In such cases site security will be the responsibility of the Contractor/Tradesman during periods of lone working.
  1. Hazardous materials and safe working
WBC is not aware of asbestos in the building although an extensive survey has not yet been undertaken.  Contractors/Tradesmen are expected to satisfy themselves of the nature of any material they uncover during the process of the works, which they consider may be hazardous.  In which case they are to leave the works undisturbed and secure and notice WBC immediately before carrying on work in the area.
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