January 2022 Prayer Focus

At the start of this new year, let us spend this month reminding ourselves of all the people, places and organisations that we, as a church, are connected with.
At WBC:  our fellowship, our leadership team, our vision and outreach and specifically, our first Alpha course.
In Wymondham:
Foodbank, both in Norwich and the work being done at St Thomas’ and Our Lady’s catholic Church, Wymondham
Windmill House Care Home
Town Team
Rosedale Funeral Home
5th Wymondham Guides
Friday Night Youth Group based at WBC
And in the wider world:
TWAM (Tools with a Mission)
Our twinned toilets  
Falconer Home in Zambia
Megan and Alan in Nepal
Rachel Spencer in Paris
Our shoeboxes as they make their way to children all over the world.
Heavenly Father,
At the start of this new year, we commit ourselves once more to your work. We ask you to show us how to hold the needs of the world at the hearts of our lives and to celebrate your many gifts with joy.
May our lives and words speak powerfully of your transforming love and power.
(taken from a prayer by Linda Jones/CAFOD)

Nicki Waterworth, 01/01/2022