October Mission Focus

 October Prayer focus:    UN Climate Conference 31st October – 12th November 2021   

This month, let us join with Christians across the globe in praying for this climate conference. Over 190 world leaders and 10s of thousands of delegates and volunteers will be meeting in Glasgow and working towards uniting the world to tackle climate change.                                
There are 4 goals for this conference:
1)     To secure global net zero by mid century and keep a rise of 1.5 degrees within reach.
2)     To adapt to protect communities and natural habitats.
3)     To mobilise finances to secure global net zero
4)     Work together to rise to the challenges of the climate crisis
Prayer points:
ü  Give thanks to our Creator God.
ü  Pray for the world leaders and the UN in keeping the momentum going for action.
ü  Pray for Boris Johnson and COP President Alok Sharma in their key roles…for courage and boldness in leading other countries.
ü  Pray for communities across the world who are already living with the reality of climate change.
ü  Pray for UK churches to become awakened and involved.
ü  Pray for each one of us to examine our own treatment of God’s creation and be ready to make changes.
Creator God, giver of life, you sustain the earth and direct the nations. In this time of climate crisis, grant us clarity to hear the groaning of creation and the cries of the poor. Challenge us to change our lifestyles. Guide our leaders to take courageous action. Enable your church to be a beacon of hope. And foster within us a new vision of your purposes for your world, through Jesus Christ our Lord, by and for whom all things were made. Amen’.                               Archbishop of York


Nicki Waterworth, 27/09/2021