July Focus - Falconer Trust


The Falconer Trust and Falconer Home
Neil has kindly provided us with an update on the work and challenges facing the Falconer Home at the present time.

The Roof

The roof of the main house needs to be completely replaced. It has been patched up in recent years, but now needs to be completely replaced. The main challenges are:
  1. time constrains – it needs to be completed before the rainy season begins in October.
  1. the children who sleep in the main house need to be accommodated elsewhere while the work is carried out – work is going on in various buildings to make them suitable for the little ones.
  1. the existing roof is made of asbestos, so will need to be removed with utmost care. Advisers have been brought in to oversee the removal of the old roof;
  1. the cost – we are not exactly sure of the cost of the project and we await costings from the Home. We have sent an initial payment to buy materials, but don’t really know yet how much more will be needed.
The generator:
Because of the urgency of the roof replacement, other projects have had to be put on hold, but the installation of the generator remains a priority. Cable are being laid, and the generator house is being finished.
Covid 19:
There has been a big spike in covid cases in Zambia recently, and with less than 1% of adults in Zambia having received even one dose of the vaccine, this is clearly a serious concern.

Prayer for July

Heavenly Father, thank you for your love and compassion for everyone, wherever they are in the world. We pray especially for the children and staff at the Falconer Children’s Home in Zambia. We pray for your protection over them during the coronavirus pandemic. Keep them safe, not only from Covid, but in all the other challenges they face.
We pray for the various projects at the Home, especially the roof replacement of the main house. Please supply the resources required, as well as the workers to carry out the work. We pray that the work may be completed before the start of the rainy season in October.
We pray too for the team at the Falconer Trust, who work to support the orphanage. Thank you for the way that You always provide what is needed – You have never let us down!
We pray that the Trust here in Norfolk and the Home in Zambia may continue to work in effective partnership, so that the children may not only have a home, food and clothing, but a real hope for the future.
We pray these things in the precious name of Jesus,