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Bonfire Night!

The rain held off for the night, and despite the weather we’d had over the previous few days, the field was firm and I think we only had one or two people (toddlers!) tumble into mud. The dark made it difficult to say how many people were there, but around 30 people from Little Acorns alone came along to enjoy a sausage (or two) in a roll, a cup of hot chocolate, and to chat by the huge bonfire. It was just good fun.

And Paul’s fireworks were excellent – well timed, and well ordered – I enjoyed them more than the bigger display the Rugby Club had done the night before.

The Bonfire Party is free and has been going on for years and years, far longer than I’ve been at WBC, though I missed my first several opportunities to go because I didn’t know just how good – in a really simple, just enjoying being together sort of way – it would be.

And just about everybody was there. So if you missed it, make sure you come along next year.

Oh and I think there was going to be a pot at church today, in case anyone wanted to make a contribution to the cost of their sausage. Acorns is making a donation on behalf of the families we sent along, and we thank the church family for welcoming the Acorns families to our party.

In the light the photos didn’t turn out so well, but here’s a little of what happened:

(Many thanks to the ladies for letting me snap pictures of them in action! – and to all who worked before, during, and after to give us all such a good time.)

The bonfire, burning down

Serving sausagesServing sausages

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