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Little Acorns returns 31 October

For those families who come along to Little Acorns, please remember that we’re having a break next week for the Autumn half-term. We’ll be back as usual on 31 October. See you there!

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Church is where they’ll find that love

I had a chat yesterday after Little Acorns with a lady who works with Home Start, a charity that helps families that need just an extra pair of hands or a bit of extra support. She’d come along with a family to Acorns, and she stopped back by after to introduce herself to me and tell me there are other families that want to get to us, but may just need a bit of company or a bit more looking after.

I said at one point: ‘I sound like I know what I’m talking about, don’t I?’

Because we’re ready for it. For the mum who just needs someone aware of her medical condition: we have a St John’s ambulance trainer, a retired nurse, and three trained first-aiders on our team.

For the mum who just needs someone to walk with her: Melanie’s already offered.

For those who don’t like crowds: I was able to refer to City Church’s group, and also to Hoppers. We also talked about Dad’s Hoppers, and the Methodist church’s Thursday group (which I confess I know nothing about). Because for the most part the toddler group leaders meet together, we have great relationships, and we can do this freely, knowing that we understand where each other’s coming from. Our conversation was a real story of the baby and toddler groups being a ministry more than a playgroup. And then she said it:

‘People today may think they don’t want to be a part of a church, but that’s where the community is. That’s where they’ll find the sense of extra family. Church is where they will find that love.’


Tuesday October 4th, 2011 in Community, Little Acorns | Comments Off on Church is where they’ll find that love

Still welcoming

I wasn’t at  church this morning. It was the first Sunday of the month, and that usually means I have to miss. I think everyone’s got used to that.

Last week I missed as well because Ray’s pen friend came with his family to visit from France. It was a bit of a frantic affair to put together, but with the generous help of Tony and Dorothy, we managed to make them comfortable and have a good time.

And was I there the week before that? I can’t remember back that far without looking at my diary.

But I have been in the church. Elena and I came by one day to have a picnic lunch, and made teas for Maggie and Andrew and Bethan, who were getting the garden ready for the wedding.

And I had a meeting with Sue from Hope, and Angela from the Abbey, while Adrian and Paul climbed ladders and looked at the plaster.

And also: we used the garden for Elena’s birthday party, and invited fifteen of her friends and their parents to our church. Some of them had been there for Little Acorns. Some hadn’t.

The point is, though, it felt like church all the way along. I may have missed Sundays, but I was able to welcome people from outside into our building, and know I had the open arms of all our congregation behind me.

A friend from St Cuthbert’s (where we are on the first Sundays) was there at the party, and she commented how warm and welcoming the building was, that it felt like church even though it wasn’t a service.

The balloons and bunting may have helped with the celebration atmosphere :-), but I like what she said. The welcome I got from Little Acorns – the fact WBC did Little Acorns at all – was what brought me here in the first place. I’m really happy I had opportunity in the past few weeks to see again that it still feels that way to others.

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