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New Era at WBC!

Just a quick note to put “out there” on the website about our service at 3pm this coming Saturday (9th June) to officially place Paul Smith as the overseer of our fellowship!! All who are keen to see God working in our town and people’s lives are warmly invited to come and share this culmination of sensitive searching of our Father’s will in the life of our church, and especially in the lives of the (still growing) Smith Family (no 4 offspring due next month, hopefully AFTER they get the Manse decorated and move their furniture in!!). We ask you to join us for the service, for celebration eats and drinks afterwards – but most of all to join us in prayer, whether you can attend next Saturday or not, that God will continue leading the work He has started in all our lives, blessing Paul as he learns and applies his new role, and us as we develop ours: especially as he’ll be “Lay” (without formal training) it’s all the more important that we SHARE the vision and practical work with him!

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This Sunday

If you’re at church with us this Sunday, hurrah! But you will find things a bit different from how they normally are.

I will explain: I’ve done a lot of yakking about it, but I’m excited and I’m happy to go over it again. And I want to make sure everyone understands why we’re doing something different.

Because it’s not just for the sake of different. We need a better reason than that to change things – and besides, if we were making this up for its own sake, we’d all be rowing about it.

So here’s the explanation. We’ve always held an all-age service on the third Sunday of the month, and all the house groups have had a go at running it.

One thing we agreed on, was that it’s really tricky to organise a service that’s going to be meaningful to everyone.

Another thing we agreed on, was that we wanted to be together.

Oh and one more: we wanted to do something different.

So Karen and Chris and I got our heads together one day, listened to our hearts and the needs of the people we’d talked to, and came up with some principles for what we’d like to see happen on third Sundays.

  • To keep the service (relatively!) simple, so a simple message gets through clearly
  • To help everyone feel God’s love better, by being in a smaller space and exploring it along with others who want to be there
  • To build relationships across age groups, and to learn from people who aren’t-like-me
  • To give each person space to enjoy the bit of worship and study that best fits their personality and learning style
  • To spark conversations and relationships that will continue after the day, and spread encouragement

Actually this is a list we could apply to every week’s service!

So what we’re doing is starting and finishing the service sort of normally, but in between, we’re going to break into five different groups, with all different ages mixed together, everybody divided by  what they want to do, rather than by their age.

We’ve got a Bible study group, a singing group, a prayer and testimony group, a making group, and a cooking group – they’ll be getting our lunch ready, so when we’ve all come back together at the end, we can then all eat together and continue the conversations. This week it’s a lovely pasta bake with two kinds of bread!

Chris says that once he visited a church and found it locked up tight, because the congregation had all gone to play sports at the local gym. We’re not going that far. And there’s no competition here yet (sorry all you guys who wanted  a football group!

It will grow as it goes, and so will we. Thanks for all your encouraging words. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Press release: food bank

Rob shared a press release this week about the expansion of the Norfolk food bank, which we’re getting involved in. Those in need, who are at risk of going hungry, will be referred to us for a few days’ food. It’s a basic way to meet people’s needs, and we’re all really excited about it.

I’m not sure where the article has appeared, but I thought I’d share it.

Foodbank reveals plan for centres across Norfolk
The team behind Norwich foodbank has revealed its vision to see a network of foodbanks right across Norfolk, so that anyone who is in need of its crisis food service is within easy reach of one, and is appealing to churches to help it become reality. Keith Morris reports.

A very successful harvest appeal, backed by the efforts of Norwich Evening News readers and ultra-athlete Alex Panayotou with her 195-mile non-stop run to Norwich City’s Carrow Road stadium, has seen Norwich foodbank overwhelmed with 12 tonnes of food and donations. And now the Christian charity is looking for church partners to help it expand right across Norfolk.

Norwich foodbank project manager, Grant Habershon, said: “Our vision is to see a foodbank within easy reach of anyone in the county that may need one. Norwich foodbank is being brilliantly supported. What we want is that people in Cromer or Yarmouth for example also have somewhere to turn.

“As a minimum we would like to see five foodbanks across Norfolk in places like Great Yarmouth, Cromer and South Norfolk, alongside the existing ones in Norwich and King’s Lynn. If other towns or villages want a foodbank, then fantastic.

The Norwich Foodbank is already having an effect beyond Norwich within one year of opening.

“Food has come in from all over the county,” said Grant. “This includes schools from Cromer, Banham, Loddon, Dereham and Reepham and churches from Overstrand, Mattishall, Tipton, Paston, Hockering, Sea Palling and Wells. They also had a wonderful harvest collection from Wayland Prison.

“This incredible response is allowing us to push ahead with plans to open additional distribution centres for foodboxes, both in Norwich and now further afield.”

Grant and the team are now keen to speak to churches and communities outside of the city which are interested in becoming one of the distribution centres or would like help and encouragement in setting up their own foodbank and joining the Trussell Trust foodbank network.

“It is great if towns can set up their own foodbank and join the Trussell Trust network. King’s Lynn has just set one up and Thetford and Gunton will soon be doing the same. However many areas may not have the resources to do this or may need help and encouragement.

“Wymondham Rotary Club recently contacted Norwich foodbank to see how a distribution centre could be set up in their town. Local churches in the town got behind this cause and a distribution centre operating from Wymondham Baptist Church will be launched later this year.”

Churches Together in Diss and Harleston are very keen to get involved and may start by linking to the Norwich warehouse bringing food in and taking parcels out while working towards a longer term goal of setting up a south Norfolk Foodbank. Discussions are also taking place with churches in Swaffham, Dereham and Stalham.

In Norwich itself foodbank will be opening a new distribution centre for their food boxes at Witard Road Baptist Church at Heartsease in November and another one at Eternity Christian Centre in West Earlham in December.

You can quickly donate up to £10 to foodbanks by sending a text message reading “FBUK11” to 70070, which will be split evenly between Norwich foodbank and the Trussell Trust.

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