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Those in need are not always unknown

During Jesus’ three year ministry He performed many miracles. One of the most well-known is the feeding of the five thousand. This is of course where Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish, and fed all who were there. What is often forgotten however is that after all had eaten, and all were satisfied, he asked the disciples to go and pick up all that was left over!

What could possibly be left over? He fed five thousand people with just a bit of bread and a couple of fish. To think that there was any left is another miracle isn’t it? But he made sure that nothing went to waste.

According to the BBC news website the UK wastes a staggering 3.6 million tons of food. Read that figure again, 3.6 MILLION tons each year. That is just in the small place that we live in. I have not dared to look at how much is wasted worldwide.

So why am I telling you this?

Well it’s not to nag you into wasting less, though I am sure we could all do a lot more to reduce that figure, it is to set the scene for something quite different.

On Thursday night, directly after a deacons meeting, I went to meet Matt Cooper, to do the soup run in Norwich. It is a tough thing to do. Not because of what needs doing, feeding those who are present, but to see the need and the people who are there. It can be quite shocking if I’m honest, to see how young some are, and how hungry others are.

But the biggest shock of all came the very first time I did the soup run with Matt. You see sometimes we try and do our bit, but we are detached from those we are helping. We feel for their needs but we don’t really know where they have come from, their background or situation. But on that first occasion as I looked up to serve the person in front of me, there stood a man I had gone to school with. Someone who had sat next to me in several classes; a man who was the pride of our school every sports day; who has represented our county at long distance running. Later on in life he had represented our country as a soldier.

It hit me that those in need are not always unknown to us, they can be old friends even current friends that on the surface seem absolutely fine. I went home that night and prayed for him, laid him in the hands of our almighty father, I have not seen him since but pray that our lord is taking care of him.

I think of him whenever we throw away left over food. Sometimes we have things that we are blessed with and we can waste those too. That is for another day, but in the mean time I ask that you pray for those who are less fortunate than us.

God bless Paul

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The stones will cry out

Hello again dear reader

It is a mistake to believe that as God is the potter He can do with us (the clay) as He wishes, regardless of our own will.

When God told Jeremiah to visit the potter’s workplace, he saw the clump of clay would not yield in his hands to become a perfect vessel, so he made an inferior one instead. What should have been a fine vessel now becomes an inferior one. We must ask ourselves, are we willing to be moulded into what Father wants for a particular purpose, or are we unyielding in God’s hands?

When we allow Father to mould and shape us, through that process everything we need to accomplish His purpose will be met, physically, mentally and spiritually.

When we read the above scripture, we usually attribute this to comfort and security. I confess this is what I once thought it meant. And because Father gently leads us by our invitation, this was how He started that process.

During a very difficult time when hubby was on a low wage and our children were young, we struggled to make ends meet, often going without ourselves to feed them. Midweek I had nothing to make even a simple meal and as I stood over the twin-tub washing machine, I thought: ‘All I need is £1! This would buy ½ a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, 3lbs spuds and a tin of baked beans!’ Yes my friend, £1 went very far in them days.

I waited patiently for the spinner to finish and
Well I thought I’d better check out the natural first, so I went around to the neighbours and asked them if they put the money there. Of course each one thought I was a total nutcase, so this just confirmed their suspicions. When hubby came home from work I asked him the same to which he laughed! So in frustration I went to the shop to buy dinner. took the washing out to the line. I stooped down and picked up the first item and lifted it up to peg. There in front of me was a brand new, un-crumpled £1 note! I could not believe my eyes. Dare I believe that THE big majestic, almighty God put it there just for me? Nah, He don’t do things like that – does He?

In the supermarket basket I put ½ dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, 3lbs of spuds and a tin of baked beans. I waited in turn at the checkout praying that I’d got enough money to pay for them. The girl pressed her buttons on the till and said: “That’s £1 exactly please!” I was flabbergasted. It was only then that I gave Father the credit. Isn’t He awesome?

Since then however, I have come to understand that Father meets our needs in other ways too. If we need to trust Him in situations which threaten to wear us down, mentally, physically and spiritually, He will allow circumstances to teach us His way. For instance, if He sees that we need to learn patience, then He will examine that patience. If we need to learn how to love, then He will bring the unlovely into our lives.  If we need to learn how to forgive, then He will allow others to hurt us, which IF – (that little word again, IF we are that willing clump of clay) – IF we are daily IN Christ Jesus and He in us; we will quickly forgive. If we need to learn humility, then He will we will do what is necessary. It’s all part of dying to self and Father meeting our needs and much more are just a part of the glorious riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

1 Chronicles 29v12 (KJB) – “Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all’.

Now when I look at this small yellow stone, I see all its beauty and it reminds me that I am in the golden amber of Father’s glory, yet the smaller stones encased within reminds me of the many areas where I still need to die to self. And in that I must daily willingly submit my will and life into the potter’s hands.God bless you.Trisha


Heavenly Father, thank you for your merciful patience and love towards me. Search me and enable me to be like good clay that is pliable and workable in your hands. Take my stubborn will and reshape me into the vessel you want me to be for Your glory.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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