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The stones will cry out: Lay down your rebelling will

Trisha Harvey shares with us fortnightly about the stones she’s collected in her Christian journey.

Welcome dear reader

We sometimes feel that God has forgotten us, or isn’t listening. We want our circumstances to change because they are difficult to cope with. Our early days are full of wonder and miracles. Yet the going certainly gets tough and we don’t feel tough even to get going! Let me encourage you.

It wasn’t long after I became Father’s child when He brought me to a serious time of testing. It should not have surprised me for He does this with all His children.

When word got out our street had a ‘Holy Joe’ living near them, the persecution started. Rubbish was thrown in the garden, windows were broken; dog mess thrown at the door, scratches of hate on our car. Our boys were excluded from games others were playing – all this because I followed Jesus. My confidence in God suffered. I hated it and I wanted to move immediately! I felt He had abandoned me to my lot in life.

The local Church of England where I attended and of which its vicar did not believe the Holy Spirit worked in power and miracles was of little help. I decided to go elsewhere where nobody knew me. I went into Norwich and stood on the steps of the Assembly of God church. Their service had already begun and I hesitated before stepping inside.

A man’s loud voice spoke in tongues. God had my attention. A woman gave this interpretation:

“Beloved daughter, I hear your cries and see your heart. I will make a way on the stony and crooked ground, for I have a plan for you. I know you want to move from where you are but trust me, until the last home where you live has heard your testimony, you will remain. I will show you my greatness and love. So lay down your rebellious will and trust me; for these things will happen.”

My knees buckled and I fell down. There on the floor through tears of repentance I knew I had heard Father and His love swept over me. I prayed something like: “I lay down my will for yours Lord, for I do love you and you know this. You have the right to choose for me anything that you please. I belong to you and even if things go on as they have, I will still love you. I will do as you ask and trust you for the outcome”.

Over the next three months, one by one, neighbours either came to our house, or spoke in the street, each with deep needs. I was able to tell them what my Lord had done for me. People were hungry to know more. Among which a woman who read tarot cards gave her life to Jesus and was healed of an unsightly birth mark. She burnt everything of the occult. An almost dead dog was healed. What an amazing God!

The difficult circumstances you are going through right now are being allowed because it’s the Lord’s way of refining you and your faith. It’s not a test to see that you fail it’s a refining so that you grow and become stronger in His ways. As you seek to know the Lord intimately with all your heart, mind and soul – He WILL speak to you in ways which will astound you.

Do you wait until circumstances are difficult before you speak to Father, or do you go to Him at the start of every day, giving it into His hands? He calls you to walk with Him along the craggy, stony paths of life, so that He can show you His wonders to perform.

Trisha's stone 'Lay down your rebelling will' After the last house received my testimony I found this stone on a beach – just before we moved. See how its white lines flow through the ragged, gnarled surface. It looks like a mountain with tracks which deer walk on. “GOD, the Lord, is my strength; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet, He makes me tread upon my high places”. Habakkuk 3v19.

God bless you.



Father God, forgive me for the times I do not trust you, or listen to you. I want to know you more with all my heart, mind and soul. You know me well, better than I know myself. Please show me Your ways and speak into my life. For I believe you hear me and will answer when I call. In Jesus name, Amen.

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This Sunday

If you’re at church with us this Sunday, hurrah! But you will find things a bit different from how they normally are.

I will explain: I’ve done a lot of yakking about it, but I’m excited and I’m happy to go over it again. And I want to make sure everyone understands why we’re doing something different.

Because it’s not just for the sake of different. We need a better reason than that to change things – and besides, if we were making this up for its own sake, we’d all be rowing about it.

So here’s the explanation. We’ve always held an all-age service on the third Sunday of the month, and all the house groups have had a go at running it.

One thing we agreed on, was that it’s really tricky to organise a service that’s going to be meaningful to everyone.

Another thing we agreed on, was that we wanted to be together.

Oh and one more: we wanted to do something different.

So Karen and Chris and I got our heads together one day, listened to our hearts and the needs of the people we’d talked to, and came up with some principles for what we’d like to see happen on third Sundays.

  • To keep the service (relatively!) simple, so a simple message gets through clearly
  • To help everyone feel God’s love better, by being in a smaller space and exploring it along with others who want to be there
  • To build relationships across age groups, and to learn from people who aren’t-like-me
  • To give each person space to enjoy the bit of worship and study that best fits their personality and learning style
  • To spark conversations and relationships that will continue after the day, and spread encouragement

Actually this is a list we could apply to every week’s service!

So what we’re doing is starting and finishing the service sort of normally, but in between, we’re going to break into five different groups, with all different ages mixed together, everybody divided by  what they want to do, rather than by their age.

We’ve got a Bible study group, a singing group, a prayer and testimony group, a making group, and a cooking group – they’ll be getting our lunch ready, so when we’ve all come back together at the end, we can then all eat together and continue the conversations. This week it’s a lovely pasta bake with two kinds of bread!

Chris says that once he visited a church and found it locked up tight, because the congregation had all gone to play sports at the local gym. We’re not going that far. And there’s no competition here yet (sorry all you guys who wanted  a football group!

It will grow as it goes, and so will we. Thanks for all your encouraging words. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Cross on the water

Nearly two years ago Ann and I were hard pressed, worn out and really in need of a break. We arranged to go to our favourite place in South Wales called Rhossili as Ann’s sister was coming to look after mother for a long weekend so we could leave on Good Friday and return on Easter Monday.

We made it over the Welsh boarder but then something “went” in the engine and we limped to the services at Newport. A very nice AA man started to replace a mangled belt in the engine but discovered a broken tensioning bolt. He towed us to a garage but they did not have the part and could not get one until Tuesday when the Easter weekend was over. We were heartbroken as our few days break seemed to just evaporate.

The AA man said they could (1) take us back home, (2) put us up in accommodation in Newport (not nice) or (3) arrange a hire care for the weekend – we went for the car but knew we would have to stay an extra night before our car could be repaired – great!

Saturday evening there was an impressive sun set and I grabbed my camera and sat outside our hotel room and watched the sun go down. As I waited I thought over the events of the day before. A disastrous day but wonderful outcome. Did it just work out well or was God directly providing. I admit I oscillated between thinking that it was just how it worked out and seeing a remarkable provision when we most needed it.

Sunset forming a cross on the water

As I took pictures looking out over the sea in Rhossili bay – I waited for sunset colours to develop – (I admit I still was not totally convinced of a Godly intervention) – a wonderful picture emerged which I will never forget. What a generous and loving God to arrange this scene before me.


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