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A bit messy

Last week we ¬†held a different kind of All-Age service. We took a page out of the series of books and dvds on Messy Church, and turned their focus on outreach to ‘in-reach’ our own people.

I want to get round to more people and ask how it was for them, but I’ve heard back from loads of people to say how much they enjoyed it.

We started and finished together, but in between, we all broke into separate groups so we could explore a theme of ‘love’ in different ways. While Karen and the gang were filling the church with the smells of garlic bread and pasta bake, we were across the church having Bible Study, singing, praying, and making – this group was particularly popular, focussing on painting pictures of love. Here’s what I managed to grab photos of on the day:


Lunch was fabulous – here’s Toby serving up

Here’s some of our feast

We’ll be doing another one on 22 April, so come and join us as we do all-age in an all-new way.

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God Bless All, on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I reckon Mother’s Day ought to be about loving and nurturing in the ways we usually see as more ‘feminine’, not just about those who have a womb and have used it.

We use this little prayer every night at our house with the girls. I think it’s lovely for all the Mothers, Women, and Men out there who comfort and bless and are just good company to have around. You make us happy.

God bless all those that I love,
God bless all those that love me.
God bless all those that love those that I love,
And those that love those who love me.

– Taken from traditional Amish sampler

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Hi all, in my own family I distinguish between housekeeping and homemaking – sometimes they don’t seem to necessarily go together, but you really do need both!

Just a bit of church ‘housekeeping’ here then –

ACM this Wednesday

The church’s ACM is Wednesday night at 7.30. (An ACM is Annual Church Meeting. Obvious once you know, but it took me a few days to figure it out.) I reckon this one will be a bit better than others – our future and other matters are on everyone’s minds, and we want to use Wednesday as an opportunity to open up that discussion a bit more with the church.

Child protection

Chris and Ann and I have just returned from Felixtowe where we attended a four + hour workshop called ‘Facing the Unthinkable.’ Much of it we already know, but as with all knowledge, hearing stories of where things have gone right, and where things have gone very badly wrong, helps us recall our urgent responsibility to safeguard the young people in our care.

We have copies of some of the material, and have brought back DVDs, books and leaflets, which we’ll soon share. Track one of us down at any time if you have any questions about our child protection practices, policies, or any concerns.


Refer to Chris or Ann as Child Advocates, or me (Tracy) as Youth Deacon.

We’re interested in any and all support as we take this forward. It’s serious, and we take it seriously.


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