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Last tools story in…

November 6th, 2011 by Tracy

We’re still getting tools in from time to time – we’re really being seen as a place where people can come to be a part of changing lives.

Even though they’re still coming in, I’m going to move on to more current affairs. One last story then, even if the tools keep coming :-). Here’s the story Charlotte W wrote about the activity:

Charlotte W's story about TWAMOnce there was a man called Tony who had a tool he didn’t really like. On Sunday he went to Church! One Sunday he went to church and on the notice board it said, “Bring your tools you don’t like or if its no use.” The man thought for a moment! After church he went back home and went into the shed and looked for the tool he didn’t like. He found the tool and next Sunday he put it in the pile of tools! Just in time because the pile was taken into the lorry.

Then the service started. After church just as he was leaving he noticed a poster it showed what was going to happen to the tools! What it said is this “The tools will go into a lorry then get fixed or get checked. Then they would go to the poor country” Tony, (the man) got very interested. He wondered what would happen
to his tool he didn’t really like. He asked the priest what would happen. He went back home to have lunch with his wife. He said to her “I think I’m going to get a new tool” So after lunch he went to the tool shop. He brought a new tool. He (Tony) thought about his old tool. The tool was in the lorry arriving at the check up thing were they checking it. The man used the new tool very well.

The end

The man called Tony

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