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A bit messy

March 25th, 2012 by Tracy

Last week we ¬†held a different kind of All-Age service. We took a page out of the series of books and dvds on Messy Church, and turned their focus on outreach to ‘in-reach’ our own people.

I want to get round to more people and ask how it was for them, but I’ve heard back from loads of people to say how much they enjoyed it.

We started and finished together, but in between, we all broke into separate groups so we could explore a theme of ‘love’ in different ways. While Karen and the gang were filling the church with the smells of garlic bread and pasta bake, we were across the church having Bible Study, singing, praying, and making – this group was particularly popular, focussing on painting pictures of love. Here’s what I managed to grab photos of on the day:


Lunch was fabulous – here’s Toby serving up

Here’s some of our feast

We’ll be doing another one on 22 April, so come and join us as we do all-age in an all-new way.

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