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Sticks and stones

February 29th, 2012 by Tracy

A couple of Sundays back Shirley turned up at church with a tray of stones, sticks, shells, pinecones, and various other bits collected from nature.

I soon found myself sharing a story of when I’d taken Sunshine and Bright (my daughters) to the seaside the last day of February half-term – in the wind and rain – and we’d spent a very long time enjoying the stones that covered the beach  at Gorleston.

So Trisha took this as her cue to come forward and say her own piece. Stones have always played a special role for Trisha as mementos of her Christian walk, and she said she wished she could tell us all the stories her collection means to her.

So I rang her up the next day, and asked her to share.

Trisha likes to talk. 🙂 I like to talk to Trisha.

She’s got loads of stories, and she’s going to be sharing them here. We get the first one tonight, along with a bit of an introduction of what’s on her mind and heart.

Here you go! Enjoy!

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