Our beliefs

At Wymondham Baptist everyone is welcome to spend time with us and worship with us. Our services are relaxed yet reverent, we have many children amongst us, and people from all walks of life join us to worship each week.

The sign outside our building says ‘Loving Jesus, Loving People.’ We believe that God has put us in the town centre so that we can reach his people. Our activities are a way of showing his love. whether through Roots Café, Food Bank, sharing our building with local groups, or sending our members out to the community to belong. We also do collections and gather to pray to meet needs abroad, including the Falconer Trust and Tools With a Mission, along with supporting other local and international causes.

We would be happy to discuss our beliefs with you more deeply. In brief, we believe in the sacrament of believers’ baptism, and encourage baptism by immersion for members. Some of our fellowship been formally recognised as part of the fellowship of believers who love and serve who love and serve the God the Creator, his only son our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as affirmed in the Apostles’ Creed.

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